Grace & Girlfriends Conferences is a division of Fresh Cup Ministries.
We know how difficult it is to gather a committee and ferret out every detail of a women's event for your church or community. But why do all that work when you don't
have to? Grace & Girlfriends works with your committee to create an event your ladies will love, without so much planning time for you. Sure, we need you to take care of
local details, but we will create marketing pieces, sent out email blasts, connect with community calendars in your area, take care of ticket sales and provide the funds from
those sales to  provide food for your event.  We work with your team and support you through every step of your event.  Our Grace & Girlfriends speaker teams and worship
teams are tops and we know each one personally, so we can assure you that their integrity and their relationship with God is real and evident in their daily lives.